Activision hacked. Please Check your account immediately.

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Got an email the other day from Activision ( ) . It said, “your email for your account has successfully been changed”. One problem with that. I didn’t change it.

Earlier that same day, at work, a co-worker told me his Call of Duty account was hacked and that someone had stolen his identity. I told him it was probably just a glitch. Wrong. Supposedly over half a million Activision accounts were compromised in the past week. Leaving gamers’ credentials vulnerable.

What to do? I immediately removed any payment options saved in my Playstations’ setting. I made sure I had the ‘enter password’ option on at all times, in case a purchase was made. I went to Activision’s website only to find that an impossible loop was all that was available. You know what a loop is. Do this, do that and you get nowhere but right back to where you started. After complaining directly to Activision on Twitter, the next day their chat services became available. The next day after that, they actually have a system in place on the site to recover your account. They say it’ll take up to 3 days to recover it. Let’s see if this works.

CAll of Duty mobile version by Activision – Depositphotos

Activision first denied the breach and did nothing, but after so many complaints they had to take action. Just lost a lot of faith in them now, especially after I spent hundreds of dollars on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, just so somebody could steal my account. Sheesh!

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