Are Democrats Scared of Bernie Sanders?

Biden Versus Bernie Vector by Nicoleta Ionescu

Let’s face it. Although Joe Biden is the Democratic nominee for president in the 2020 election, a lot of people are not enthused. Biden calls himself a centralist, but a lot of Democrats are starting to lean away from the center and more left. Not to be confused with a “radical” left as Trump and his supporters like to call it, but definitely away from the center.

Some liberals are not afraid to embrace the term socialism and some think free healthcare for all is right for the future of America. Bernie Sanders pushes these ideas and he has a lot of support from younger Democrats. But if he’s so popular, why is it that he never wins the nomination to run for president for the Democrats?

Bernie Sanders Rally at Pittsburgh University – Vidar Nordii-Mathisen

Older Democrats. Although liberals believe that the right is wrong in much that they practice, they’re not ready to give way to what they view as extreme ideas. Healthcare for all, ‘defunding’ the police (Bernie doesn’t support this), free college tuition, are some things that the old school Dems don’t like. The old school Democrats lean much to the center, like Joe Biden. That’s one view. The other view is this. To beat Trump in 2020, Democrats can’t risk a Bernie Sanders when appealing to the undecided. The undecided tend to be center, therefore they need a nice easy going guy like Biden who won’t shake things up too much. The plan is, get Biden in there and then pave a road for more left leaning Democrats.

Either way, it’s probably safe to say, Sanders probably won’t run again. If he does his chances will be much more slim due to his age. If the Democrats win 2020, Sanders will have to more than likely wait for 8 years to run for president. For election 2028, Sanders will be 86 years old. Like him or not, Bernie would have made a very interesting president. Probably for the better.

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8 months ago

It makes sense. Its more of the latter though. More of making sure they beat Trump. WHICH you can’t be mad at

8 months ago

Biden beats Trump. Sanders beats Trump even more so. Did anybody see Bernie in Fox? They were cheering for him..

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