Don’t Be Rude – Know Your Mask Etiquette

mask etiquette

These are very strange times. The last time the entire population of the entire planet was told to wear face masks was in 1918. The world was introduced to influenza A, when it spread worldwide, and it was devastating to humanity. Fast Forward to now, 2020 and here we are again. A coronavirus, Covid-19, like influenza, has spread world wide and has killed hundreds of thousands of people. It’s highly contagious and it attacks the respiratory system. Wearing mask, is a great defense against catching the virus.

After several months of almost all of humanity wearing a face mask, we have become complacent with them. When you head out the door now, you grab your keys, your phone and your face mask. Although you know to wear a mask, do you know the proper etiquette for interacting with other people while wearing a mask?

Stay 6 feet away regardless

Social distancing should still be the number one practice you have while keeping safe against the virus. Even with a mask on, try to stay away at least 6 feet from people when you can. Each measure you take lessens your’s and other’s chances of becoming sick.

mask etiquette
mask etiquette – stay six feet away regardless

Cover your nose

For some strange reason, people will wear a mask, but won’t cover their nose. They’ll only cover their mouths. Covid-19 attacks your respiratory system. That means it goes through your mouth and your nose. The purpose of wearing a mask is two fold. To stop you from transmitting it and to block you from catching it. Thanks for covering your mouth so you won’t pass it along, but stupid of you not to cover your nose, so that you won’t catch it. Very dumb.

Wear your mask.

Even worse than simply not covering your nose? People who have a mask on that’s completely tucked under their chin. What is the point? I suspect people do this, just to have one in case they come across a place that requires you to wear one.

Clean your mask or get a new one.

Having a dirty face mask is not only unsafe, but it simply makes you a very nasty individual. A mask full of dirt or debris means you’re breathing that crap in. Which now means you’re possibly breathing in the virus, and spreading it. Cloth mask? Wash it. Disposable mask? Throw it away and get a new one. Key word: disposable.

Mark your mask.

Don’t wear your mask at home? Cool. Nobody does. Got a family? Of course. If you all wear masks, which you should, then everybody should mark their mask so that no one wears somebody else’s mask. Masks are a personal item, like a toothbrush. You may love your family but you’re not using their toothbrush are you? Right. So get different color masks, or take a marker and label it so that you won’t make this mistake.

Keep your mask on while talking

Some people just don’t get it. The purpose of having the mask on is to block and stop the spread of the virus. Pulling the mask down to talk defeats the entire point of wearing it. You transmit the virus by coughing, sneezing and talking. Believe it or not, when you talk spittle is released from your mouth. Keep the mask on when talking.

Bottom line. Get use to wearing a mask. It won’t be long before things go back to normal. It may seems like it’s taking forever but with proper practiced procedures we will beat this virus. Mankind will last, this virus won’t.

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7 months ago

they say if 80 percent of Americans wore masks, the pandemic could be all but over

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