Left plus Right equals In The Middle

democrats versus republicans

Okay here’s the deal about this site, the concept is stocks and politics right? The two go hand in hand rather you like it or not, rather you know it or not. Now stocks aside, when it comes to politics, we’re not trying to make this a left or right wing site. We want it to be a centered site as much as possible. To do this we’ll need inputs from all over the political spectrum. That includes Democrats, Republicans, Independents and people from other parties. Extremist however won’t be tolerated.

Are you a right winger or a leftist? Let’s meet in the middle.

If you’ve noticed they’re already several authors of articles written here. The staff and guest writers. What we’ll try to do is include articles from all sides. When you think about it, nobody is completely 100 percent in agreeance with their party correct? It’s going to be one subject or situation, where you just so happen to have the same opinion or belief as what you consider, the other side. Yes, we know that talking about politics will cause great arguments, which is exactly what we hope it will do, but let’s try to tolerate the other side. Ok?

So remember, all are welcome here, and we want everyone to be tolerant of other’s opinions, thoughts and beliefs. Hell, we might be the site that brings us all together :).

Democrat and Republican two US parties.

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8 months ago

I lean left

8 months ago

I tend to lean left too, this place will be a powder keg if right wingers come in here

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