Netflix Under Fire: ‘Cuties’ Viewers Complain of Sexualizing 11 Year Old Girls

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Netflix’s Cuties Trailer

If you’re on Netflix ()and more than likely you are, then you’ve probably noticed a new addition to the line up. A new film called ‘Cuties’, which is causing a lot of controversy.

People are boycotting and canceling their subscriptions claiming that the show sexualizes very young girls. An eleven year old girl is at odds with her very conservative family when she joins a very liberal dance group that often imitate very sexual dance moves. Their clothing is also in question too as they wear tight fitting gear usually worn by women. The writer/director of the film, Maimouna Doucoure stated that the film is “a mirror of today’s society, a mirror is sometimes difficult to look into”.

Some people took to Twitter going as far as calling it encouraging pedophilia.

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7 months ago

Hmmm it wasn’t that bad, I think theyre just ppliticizing it on purpose. Right Wingers makimg a big deal out of it

7 months ago
Reply to  BlueBelly

pretty much but its somewhat controversial from just looking at these pics. But I never saw it so

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