Trump and Melania Test Positive for Covid-19


Presidential aide Hope Hicks tested positive for Covid-19 earlier in the day on October 1st. This caused alarm concerning if Trump may have contracted the virus. Turns out, he and Melania both contracted Covid-19 and are now in quarantine. Trump tweeted and confirmed that he does have the virus.

Trump tweeting about Hope Hicks contracting Covid-19
Trump confirming he does have the coronavirus Covid-19

Trump has continually downplayed the virus. Even admitting so on tape when he knew he was being recorded. Trump has held rallies where the majority of people, in a crowd of thousands, would not wear a mask. Trump has chided Biden for wearing masks. Trump has made statements, even as of recent of how the virus was not as deadly as the media made it out to be, although he himself said it was in the aforementioned audio recording. Before the virus impacted the United States, Trump called it a hoax. Trump also constantly called it the “China Virus” although it had a formal scientific name. Many people blame Trump’s lack of leadership for the deaths of 200 thousand Americans due to the virus.

As anyone could easily guess, a lot of people tweeted of Trump’s hypocrisy towards the virus and his recent mask-less rallies.

Some people are even wishing death to Trump.

Will Trump be able to continue to run for a second term? Are the debates canceled? Speaking of which, Biden should get checked out too, he was in close proximity to Trump during the debate. What about his protection from the Secret Service? They can’t be around him if he has the virus.

These will be very interesting days for this month of October.

Trump wearing a mask – Covid19

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6 months ago

Serves him right actually

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