Trump Calls Fallen U.S. Troops “Suckers and Losers” According to Report From The Atlantic

Trump - thestckmrkt - deposiphotos broke a story in the last couple of days that seem to be doing some serious damage to the president. According to the online magazine, they have multiple verified sources, from ex Trump staffers, that quote Trump calling U.S. troops who died in war “suckers” and “losers”.

The story starts off detailing the controversial incident of 2018, when Trump didn’t attend a ceremony honoring dead heroes who lost their lives fighting for freedom. The ceremony was being held at the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery near Paris, France. Trump claims that, since it was raining, the transporting helicopter couldn’t fly and that U.S. Secret Service refused to drive him. It was noted, on that day, it was only light drizzle and no aircraft was grounded or travel restricted. The Atlantic’s sources say four people, close to the president state the president was only concerned the rain would mess his hair and he found no importance in honoring dead fallen servicemen. The article goes on to say, while talking to senior staff members Trump stated; “Why should I go to that cemetary? It’s filled with losers.” The article then worded, Trump, in another conversation, called the 1,800 plus Marines who died in the historic Battle at Belleau Wood as “suckers” for being killed.

This article has put Trump’s previous thoughts about military personnel back in the spotlight. The article on goes into details about that too. While running for president, Trump called Senator John McCain a loser for being captured by the Vietnamese during the Vietnam war. He stated, McCain was a hero only “because he was captured” and he “like people that didn’t get captured”.

In His Defense

Trump has defended himself via Twitter, calling the article written by the Atlantic “fake”. He said he never called McCain a loser, however it was proven that he did in a tweet, not to mention a video of Trump calling him one, during the time he said he liked non-captured soldiers.

Trump defending himself via Twitter

Trump Versus The Military

Trump has a history of beefing with the service, with very controversial statements made about it’s members, during his presidential run and time as president. He’s stated he “knows more than the generals know”. He regularly attacks gold star families. He’s claimed he’s given the military a raise, when he hasn’t.

In fact, Trump’s personal battle with the military started a long time ago. Trump has never joined the military and is constantly ridiculed for getting medical deferments to avoid the draft for the Vietnam war due to supposed bone spurs. Trump has a very troubled relationship with all things military, yet claims to be more patriotic than his opponents.

These latest allegations do not help his case.


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7 months ago

somebody needs to come with some concrete proof, Kelly needs to speak up

7 months ago

Going by how Trump talks, it’s obvious he said and did it

7 months ago

Trump is basically an old spoiled coward

7 months ago

I’m tired of Republicans waiting until its too late to speak out. BLAST HIM AS SOON AS HE DOES SOMETHING.

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