Trump Fear Mongers While Addressing Recent Woes

Trump - fear mongering

One of Trump’s biggest media enemies is Brain Williams of NBC’s 11th Hour. The best thing about it, is the quiet cynicism Brian displays towards Trump while reporting the news about Trump. He makes Trump look silly by simply letting video of Trump play, while keeping a look of skepticism painted on his face. He never says anything harsh, but his personal thoughts are completely obvious.

MSNBC’s 11th Hour With Brian William from the official Youtube channel

Watch this video, as Trump complain about recent woes damaging his campaign run. Trump is using good ole’ fashion fear mongering to scare people into voting for him. At his campaign rally in Freeland Michigan on the 10th, Trump told his audience that they would be over ran by low income people in the suburbs. He described the current civil unrest and protest in major cities as lawlessness, and that it would be greater if he was to lose. He stated the Democrats would take their guns and freedom if Joe Biden wins the presidency. He insists that Joe Biden invites unrest and crime although Biden has clearly denounced it. Biden actually believes that we need more police and police should have a pay increase.

If Trump’s tactic is working, it’s only working on his already convinced base.

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7 months ago

Its what Trump does, he has no ground, no stance, no platform. He simply spreads fear and hate.

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