Whose America is it?

whose america is it?

If you follow Trump or have seen any recent pro-Trump commercials, you’ll see him and his team attempt to paint a picture of the future Joe Biden will bring you, ironically showing you video and pictures of what’s going on right now, while he’s the president. It’s not anti-Trump, it’s fact. So much fact that the Biden team uses that very narrative against him.

America is in shambles right now. We’re the epicenter of a pandemic that started on the other side of the world. Civil unrest, protest, and in some cases, looting and vandalizing in the streets. Unemployment at a record high and the economy has taken a record hit because of the pandemic.

But who owns this? Joe Biden and the Democrats? Donald Trump and the Republicans? Who’s responsible? Where is America going from here? Will America take a left turn, with medicare for all? Rejoining the Paris Agreement? Police Reform? Or will America go right? Tightening the borders? Fighting China?

If you go by the polls, Joe Biden will be the next president for at least the next four years. If you go by what happened last time, despite what the polls say, you’ll think Trump still has a chance. The bottom line, America is at a fork in the road and this might be in the top 5 of the most important elections we’ve ever had.

Guess what? Either way, it’s for you to decide this upcoming November.

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